IBIDUN: It is as if you could see into the future. The way you lived your life. The way you touched everyone that encountered you. The joy you brought into the lives of many.The sadness within you at a point that you masked with smiles and laughter.

The way God now blessed you with not one but two children. The videos you posted showing the depth of love between you and your husband. The way you worked like a machine and found favour in His eyes, even in the midst of hopelessness in the land.
IBIDUN… You saw what we  could not see. You came, you conquered, you departed. Who will fill this yawning gap you have left behind? Who will comfort Ituah or give solace to your beautiful children? Those that cry at your passing will console themselves with how you touched  their lives.
Everyone has a story to tell involving you. Everyone remembers one incident or the other. You left a mark. Did you know your time will be this short? Is that why you came like a shooting star and left when your ovation was at the loudest? You will remain cherished in our hearts

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