Advert Rates

Ovation Magazine Advert Rates

Ovation Magazine Advert Rates  are reasonably priced. Advertising with us is guaranteed to give you maximum exposure

Maxi Banner600X90pxBeside LogoTri-Monthly400000
Maxi Banner600X90pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly250000
Leader Board460X90pxBeside LogoTri-Monthly300000
Leader Board460X90pxInside PagesTri-Monthly250000
Leader Board460X90pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly200000
Medium Banner260X90pxBeside LogoTri-Monthly300000
Medium Banner260X90pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly250000
Medium Banner260X90pxInside PagesTri-Monthly200000
Half Banner230X60pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly175000
Square Board300X300pxSidebarTri-Monthly215000
Square Board300X300pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly190000
Skyscraper250X600pxUnder EditorialTri-Monthly195000
Skyscraper250X600pxInside PagesTri-Monthly195000
Sponsored PostLinkBackWeekly70000
Sponsored PostNon-LinkBackWeekly70000
Half Page Unit300X600pxInside PagesMonthly480000
Full Page Unit600X600pxInside PagesMonthly850000


  1. Adverts that appear concurrently on home and other pages will attract a 25% surcharge on Home Page rate.
  2. Ad copy (Artwork) to be provided by advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF, PDF or SWF format.
  3. All Adverts must be pre-paid before publication.
  4. Artwork may be sent by e-mail (as an attachment to [email protected]) or submitted by hand
  5. Advert rates are subject to review but with due notice to our advertisers
  6. OVATION MAGAZINE is not responsible for the content of other sites linked from
  7. OVATION MAGAZINE reserves the right not to publish advertisements already scheduled for publication if they are found to be libelous or potentially offensive to the sensibilities of the public without prior notice. Appropriate refund(s) will be made in such circumstances