Tribute to the love of my life! -Mrs Bolaji Momodu

Yeye Bolaji Momodu & her Ajani, Bashorun Dele Momodu
Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It is not how we care in the beginning but how much we care till the very end.
The journey to becoming Mrs Dele Momodu wasn’t particularly a ‘smooth’ one.
Dele was (and still is) a very good looking, charming, silver-tongued and bubbly young man then but wasn’t my ‘type’ of man (or so I thought) as I had my spec.  that he didn’t quite meet. This made all his efforts ( including flaunting his celeb friends) at dating me, futile. He spent over 13 months chasing me all around the university of Ife campus and even employed the services of my close friends( Buki Ayoola in particular )to achieve his mission but he also failed. He became very close to my siblings at a point in time  in order to win their hearts and ultimately, mine. He succeeded in winning theirs but not mine. He did everything, gave up for a few months only to re-surface but I still had my reservations.
Then, on this fateful afternoon in March 1990, a visitor came knocking at my door. It was Sir Dogzy (as we fondly call Kabiyesi Aroyinkeye, Oba Adedokun Abolarin). He had come to speak to and convince me about his dear friend, Dele Momodu. He did a damn good job. I had never before then, seen a man speak so passionately about and highly of his friend like Kabiyesi did on that day. ‘’Blajo, my friend is a very good man and he wants you as his wife. He is madly in love with you. Pls give him a chance for just a week and if you still don’t like him, you can end the relationship’’,Kabiyesi had said. I felt the sincerity in his words and I decided immediately to give it a go. The rest, like they say, is now history.
Kabiyesi was very right. I found a very good and responsible man in Dele. His love for me is genuine (and I don’t joke with my words).He will unarguably be one of the very few good husbands and Fathers around.
Dele has a very unique and unusual personality, imitate his actions at your own peril. I consider myself extra ordinary to have been able to live with him successfully for almost 30 years. He does his things his own ways, most times not conforming to the norm. Dele also views life as an adventure and lives it as such. He believes that great things are possible and lives an abundant and happy life. He enjoys what he does and looks forward to what is to come. He is a true testament to what living a passionate and satisfying life is all about. He never dwells on the past (and hates it when you do so) neither does he begrudge anyone, little wonder he sleeps effortlessly and like a baby.
I recently concluded that one or more of his ancestors must have done something in the past to impress the Almighty God so much so that God, in return has decided to bless their descendants. Or how  else can one explain this love of God for Dele.
Dele is simply a blessed man. God’s grace and favour upon him  is so strong and so undeserving.
No one,(not even me) had expected him to have a stable family, a happy home, a good wife (Yeah! Me!) and the best children that anyone would pray for.  He is hardly at home and yet, it never felt like it. God really loves him. I know this and he knows it too.
Dele was about 30 years old or so when I met him and now at  60 (sounds so huge), I can only marvel at how Great God’s mercy towards us is.
I look back to the day I first met this man and I know that there must have been an angel by my side that fateful day, something heavenly must have led me to him and built a bridge straight to his heart. I can’t but be grateful to God for the gift in Dele. God has been good to us as a family. He believes he chose the right partner for himself and believe I made the right decision marrying him.  People search a lifetime to find what we have. God has been faithful all the way. His unending love is overwhelming. I am eternally grateful to Him.
Ajani temi ni kan, Ajanaku ti n mi igbo Bolaji kijikiji, Olori owo mi, Okunrin ogun, omo aroti we bi ojo, thank you for all that you do to and for me. I know you put in a lot of efforts (even more than I do) into making sure our marriage is successful. Thank you for being a good father to the boys. Wa a kuku je’re won. You are a good man indeed. You go way beyond the boundaries of duty to make sure your children and I are happy. You have reduced your lifestyle by over 95% just to accommodate the boys’ gargantuan school fees. You give us your best always. Thank you! Thank you!
On this day that you are celebrating your 60th birthday, I pray that the good Lord will grant you dozens more fruitful and glorious years, prosperity, good health and sound mind.
May you spend the next phase following God more nearly, knowing Him more deeply, seeing Him more clearly, loving Him more dearly and above all, serving Him with all your hearts.
Yes! I am looking forward to spending the rest of my lifetime with you.
Happy Happy Birthday Ajani mi! !! !!!

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