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Senator Daisy Danjuma is 65

When the living legend, Stevie Wonder sang his monstrous hit “Isn’t She lovely” with lyrics that read: Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious, Less than one minute old”, he in fact encapsulated the way everyone’s darling, amiable Senator Daisy Danjuma looked on her 65th birthday.

She was simply dazzling and stunning, and did not look any inch close to 65 as she and her husband, the respected Officer and gentleman, General Theophilus  Yakubu Danjuma (Rtd) hosted the cream of Nigerian society to an exclusive birthday dinner.

In deed when people refer to a lady as aging gracefully, it will be a disservice to look further than the evening’s star attraction: Daisy Danjuma

Held at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, it was not your typical, Lagos Owambe, party that is usually packed with people, full of sound and fury but little substance. This was a classy event filled with heavyweights.

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