In the world today everyone one is trying to cut cost but will never want to cut quality of product or service. That is the edge that AXION Africa has over othes in the business space.

Axion is a leading engineering company with multiple years of working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects in Nigeria and the world at large. Axion Africa success has been growing each year with its product approval by more countries and via new distributors choosing its exclusive products.

Existing for over a quarter century, Axion Africa is the only company in the world that has converted the pollutants of cement companies known as CKD into a third class viable concrete suitable for use in side walks, pavements, etc. It is a leader in its field producing the most advanced products: it is the only water proof, fire proof and concrete type product in the world. It has a subsidiary called Axion Engineering Limited which is into Building, Construction and Civic Engineering.

It manufactures environmentally friendly construction materials! Produce, manufactures, distributes and performs application of organic liquid monomer formulations for the global road and building construction industry. It is home based in Africa and distributes to over 75 countries. Its products are approved for use by the EU, India, Canada, Mexico, South America, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Panama, Syria, Egypt and many others. It has a wide range of products, kindly check out a few of them.

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