Aisha Sali weds Isyaku (Mijinyawa) Sani Labaran

The city of Abuja has distinctly etched a wonderful memory in the heart of Aisha Sali, the daughter of Alhaji Isa Bello Sali, one-time Head of Civil Service of Nigeria as she said her final goodbye to spinsterhood when she got married to her Prince Charming, Isyaku (Mijinyawa) Sani Labaran.

The couple’s fabulous nuptials unfolded in an exciting three-day ceremony held in three different cities – with a massive assemblage of family and friends in a cosy and well-garnished ambience. Amina and Sani met in a casual manner at the office where they both earned a living at the time. At the height of their busy schedules, the two strangers began to nurture a friendship that grew from common interests and in no time this evolved into a relationship.

While Sani had charmed Aisha with his expression of love, Aisha on the other hand admired his easy-going mein and intelligence. The wholehearted attention of Sani on the Aisha daily melted her heart. Aisha, a delectable beauty with alluring persona merited the devotion of Sani; who had found a special place in her heart.

As a public servant and graduate of Economics with a Master’s degree in International Business Administration, Aisha knew beyond any doubt that she had got the hots for Sani, a graduate of Physics and staunch politician – one who has had enduring years in lecturing at higher institutions.

While Sani left the company his love for Aisha grew intense and neither of them failed to wish for the presence of the other. Days grew older and in the coming months Sani had already given to the dictates of his heart, as he gathered brave momentum to pop the big question.

The lovey-dovey couple found joy, peace and happiness in a real-life fairy tale of romance. Like every other union, theirs soon came of age and they were ready to get married and start a life of their own in bliss.

In a series of lavish festivities, the celebration of love played out in three different ceremonies packed with all the wonderful attractions and gripping tradition that brightly embodied the rich culture of the bride and groom. Our cameras captured the timeless moments in breath-taking pictures that aptly depict the splendor that reigned at the celebration of love.



This was the night of nights. By every standard, it was absolutely the beginning of everything that really mattered in the life of the bride. It was the beginning of her journey to matrimony-and she enjoyed every moment of this occasion from all indications.

The city of Abuja was completely filled with colour that lovely evening. Gaily dressed guests arrived early to the Diamond Hall Events Centre, Kashim Ibrahim Way, where the ceremony was to hold.

The hall was breath-taking, with rich blend of décor and colour that made the all place sparkle.

With friends and family seated in the cosy ambience of the hall, the event proper commenced with gallant entry of kids tastefully dressed in endearing traditional attires. Afterwards, the delectable bride in the company of her friends made their way into the hall in queenly gaits that saw every one applaud. Aisha’s friends gave her the essential support required to make her blush and smile her thanks.

Shortly after their entrance, the ceremony which involves loads of entertainment and advice for the bride, reached its height when Nupe singers thrilled guests with a sweet medley. The night was also spiced with various performers. They took turns to thoroughly regale guests. It was so delightful to watch.

Still the in lively mood, Mrs. Winifred Oyo – Ita, Head of Civil Service of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stole the moment to counsel Aisha on issues around marriage. It was indeed a memorable evening for the bride, Aisha.


The popular city of Yola, the capital of Adamawa State was where the second ceremony tagged “Mother’s night” was held.

There was no better place to host this celebration which was exclusively for women than the Oriental Harbor of Muna Hotels, Dougieri South, Jimeta.

The hall was an imposing edifice, an intimidating sight but welcoming as well. The entrance of the hall was already well decorated, with rose petals gracefully laid on the radiant white underlay. While, royal chandeliers stylishly hung from the ceiling, it all added to the beauty of the atmosphere.

Like a queen that she is, the bride took elegant strides whilst making her way into the hall, alongside her friends. She rocked a blue/gold apparel with a gold necklace and a navy blue head gear. Her outfit complemented her lithe figure.

It was an evening of pure culture, tradition, singing and dancing-and the Mothers of both families gave a wonderful account of themselves.

The Mother’s night was true to its context, with several words of advice offered; Aisha was unquestionably armed to the teeth with marital dos and donts.

Again, Mrs. Oyo-Ita had few words of advice to share with the young bride. Thereafter, Mrs. Rabi invited the bride, her mother and Mrs. Ita for the cutting of the cake.

Guests were treated to mouth-watering delicacies and choice non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone ate to their fill after which the ceremony was brought to a close with a vote of thanks given by Dr. Mrs. Rabi “We are grateful beyond words that today’s programme was a huge success as well as the previous one. We only pray that Allah in His infinite mercy grant this newlywed all of their hearts desires”



The wedding Fathia was the height and crowning rites of the wedding ceremony and it drew in dignitaries from far and near. It is usually the occasion where the couple are joined according to Islamic rites.

The Palace of the Emir of Mubi played host to this usually religious and convivial ceremony.

The doors of Mubi Palace was flung open and the Emir, HRH Abubakar Isa Ahmodu was there to personally welcome guests which included the state Governor, His Excellency, Bindo Umaru Jibrilla. The bride’s father, Alhaji Isa Bello Sali was very conspicuous throughout the occasion.

The occasion was co-ordinated by Islamic clerics, and they also admonished the couple and their families on their various responsibilities in a marriage setting.

The ceremony reached a crescendo with the payment of the Mahr, which represents the solemnization of the bride and groom’s family-usually done with a token. This case the amount mentioned was N100,000.

Afterwards, the bride and groom were officially declared as husband and wife by Iman Mohammed Hamis.

With all matters sorted out, guests were well feted by the couple’s families and everyone went home thoroughly satisfied. No wonder all those we spoke with had good wishes for the couple.

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