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The Royal 50th Jubilee Celebration of OIL MOGUL Dr. Babajide Agunbiade Atóbaáse of YorubaLand in United Kingdom

Many close friends refer to him as a man of style and oil mogul, Dr Babajide Agunbiade, FNSE showed off this his well-known pedigree when he hosted two classy, colourful and glamourous ceremonies in the United Kingdom.

The Houston, Texas-based businessman and world traveller hosted a birthday that will linger on my hearts of the guests on account of the spectacular nature of the events.
The party train actually began at the famous Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London. Guests were greeted with champagne and hors d’oeuvres upon arrival as well as 80s Rhythm and Blues being played by London’s Sound House Band.

Guests were seeping in the wondrous atmosphere and savouring the scenery when the celebrant and his wife, Mrs. Olufunke Agunbiade, the Yeye Atóbaáse of Yorubaland walked in to applause from guests just as Fela’s “Water no get enemy” was blaring from all corners of the venue. The evening was a top-rate affair filled with lots of champagne, exotic drinks, good food and exhilarating music. Love and fun were in the air all night long. Fun was high on the agenda and guests had a full dose of it as a magician also spent many moments thrilling everyone with some flicks and tricks. The night ended with pulsating Afrobeats vibes delivered by London’s famous DJ Omowhyte.


The regal celebration continued the following day on the celebrant’s exact 50th birthday: Saturday, 16th of April 2022. The venue this time was the prestigious Leeds Castle in Kent which had been specially decorated for the occasion. Without a shadow of doubt, this was a befitting venue for a Royal celebration. The castle has been home to numerous Kings of England and was residence for other British aristocrats.

Leeds Castle has been a Norman stronghold; the private property of six of England’s medieval queens; a palace used by Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon; a Jacobean country house; a Georgian mansion; an elegant early 20th century retreat for the influential and famous; and in the 21st century, it has become one of the most visited historic buildings in Britain. Dubbed the centre of lavish hospitality for leading lights of the society. Leeds Castle was wearing anew look that day as a huge flag with the crest and insignia of the celebrant with his title: Atóbaáse of Yorubaland flying proudly on the Grade 1-isted building and heritage site.

Guests arrived dressed to impress and were greeted by a red carpet and royal guards holding flags that had the Atoobase crest. The evening kicked off with a cocktail reception where chilled drinks and canapes were served. Moments later the celebrant Dr Babajide Agunbiade and wife, Mrs Funke Agunbiade made a grand entrance to the sounds of trumpets blown by the British Royal Guards. The stunning couple gracefully walked down the stairs from the bowels of the Castle where they spent the night and enjoyed the stunning view.
Guests headed down to the dinner room where they were greeted with the sounds of a harpist in the most glamorously decorated space.

Guests enjoyed a gourmet 3-course meal and viewed a surprise documentary dedicated to the celebrant, which was produced by Mrs. Agunbiade. After the cake cutting and just when the night couldn’t get better everyone was ushered outside for a “special presentation” While outside, Dr Babajide Agunbiade gave a heartfelt speech, which he rounded off by thanking his friends and family and beautiful wife for a beautiful night and just as the toast was made, the celebrant and guests were surprised with a 6-minute fireworks display to Coldplay’s Full of Stars.
Just when the guests thought the night was over, the elegant  Mrs Funke Agunbiade had more plans up her sleeves for her dear husband.

Guests were greeted with an open bar, sounds by DJ Omowhyte, and beautiful go-go dancers. The celebrant was surprised by a personal show girl performance while everyone cheered.
Oh what a night it turned out to be as guests partied all night and left with an assortment of gifts which included Dolce & Gabbana Wine and Chocolates,  personalised Atobaase champagne, blue-tooth speakers, candles, amongst others. It was indeed a night to remember!

Sunborn Yacht London (Day 1 -Welcome party)
US Planner: @dureevents
UK Planner: @manolaluxeweddings
UK Planning assistant: @bolanle_lb
Hair: @eugenze @tifihair_houston1
Makeup: @mana.mumin
Bespoke Gown: @eseazenabor
Venue: @sunbornlondon
Hubby Tux: @mochee_kent
Band: @thesoundhouseband
Photo: @sottuphotography
Videography: @oprea.production
DJ: @omowhyte
Custom Acrylic Stationary @tntcreationsllc
Magician: @tombracemagic
Leeds Castle (Day 2 -Birthday Celebration)
US Planner: @dureevents
UK Planner: @manolaluxeweddings
UK Planning assistant: @bolanle_lb
Hair: @eugenze @tifihair_houston1
Makeup: @mana.mumin
Bespoke Gown: @eseazenabor
Hubby Tux @dolcegabbana
Venue @leedscastleuk
Photo: @sottuphotography
Video: @specialfunctionsfilms
MC: @ramthemc
Decor: @Chicwedsuk
Cake: @tycouturecakes
Fireworks: @alchemyfireworks
Custom Easter Baskets: @ribbonandbowstore
Custom Champagne & Box @ribbonandboestore
DJ: @omowhyte
Building Projection: stlproductiongroup
Harpist: Jeanette
Custom Acrylic Menus: @partypresentation
Gifts: @ribbonandbowstore

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