Oluwayemisi Oluwasanmi Weds Moshood Sanni In Ondo State

beautiful thing about love is that, sometimes two people who know little or
absolutely nothing about each other, have a chance encounter and having made
each other’s acquaintance, fall in love. Then, their love grows, till it
becomes rock-solid, eventually getting to a point, where not even their
different long-standing religious beliefs or traditional dispositions can break
the strong bond of affection that they share.

This is a simple summary of the love story of Moshood Arisekola Sanni and
Victoria Oluwayemisi Oluwasanmi. Theirs is a perfect example of true love which
makes every other consideration-tribal, racial, ethnic or religious – pale into

Moshood is a devoted Muslim, while his heartthrob, Oluwayemisi, is a practicing
Christian, but their different religious backgrounds could not impede the
strong feelings they have for each other from blossoming. It was therefore, a
relationship based on mutual love, understanding and respect.

Moshood, who is a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, FUTA, Akure
in Ondo State, met his sweetheart in Lekki, Lagos where both of their offices
are located. Often, they would bump into each other during lunch breaks and on
other different occasions. Meanwhile, Moshood who was already stricken by
Oluwayemisi’s alluring looks would never hesitate to express his admiration of
her breathtaking beauty.

In a chat with OVATION, Yemisi revealed to us that she
always knew Moshood had something up his
sleeves because he just would not stop paying compliments. To her, every
encounter seemed to be a much sought-after opportunity for him to tell her how
beautiful her hairdo was or how lovely the dress she was wearing that day
looked. And of course anyone who is acquainted with Yemisi knows that she is a
very attractive and fashionable lady. So, it was no surprise that a gentleman
like Moshood could not resist her.

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April 2024