Grand Farewell For Asoju-oba Of Lagos, Chief Molade Okoya-Thomas

When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind,
lights the paths of other men. Sir (Chief) Dr. Molade Okoya- Thomas has lived an
eventful life, he was a good father, a first-class role model, a philanthropist
extraordinaire and one of the most valuable assets of the Nigerian society. His
life is a story of service, sacrifice and success. His life gave true meaning
to the words of that song “it’s not the number of days that we live; it’s the
life we live and how much we give. It’s not the number of days that we live,
it’s the live we live and how much we care”. The pain of his death is lessened
by the knowledge that he impacted lives.

He was a blessing, a
builder, a binder of other people’s wounds, a sports enthusiast, a life-long supporter
of Arsenal Football Club and a keen Tennis buff and Sponsor. Death is a price we
all have to pay irrespective of our age. However, that of Chief Molade Okoya-
Thomas was a rude shock because despite his age, he was still his jovial,
bubbly self days before the sad incident.

It was so sudden that
some of his family members were hoping to wake up and find that it was a bad
dream. Indeed, many wished that the perfect gentleman who was a hard worker,
humble, hospitable, peaceful and generous-to a fault had not completed his
earthly sojourn, but God had made

His decision-and it was
final. The Chairman or Baba as he was fondly called was dear to all member and
staff of CFAO. He encouraged hard work, diligence, honesty and loyalty to the
company from all employees. He gave his support to all by helping to connect
CFAO businesses to all that he knew worldwide.

He was also father to
all. In the days of queuing at the French Embassy Lagos to get visas, it was very
easy for the staff of CFAO courtesy of Chief Okoya-Thomas because he was very
interested not only in the official but also personal lives and growth of staff
and their families. He saw them as members of his family and gave them the same
support and love.

His journey to the great
beyond started with a Christian Wake-Keep/ Service of Songs at the Landmark
Event Centre
, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. At exactly
4pm the welldecorated event centre was filled with guests from all walks of
life as they all came to pay their last respects to the man whom people
referred to fondly as an Icon of Icons. The evening started with prayers and a
praise session. The first Bible reading was by one of his daughters, Hon.
Olajumoke Abidemi Okoya – Thomas.

After which the man of
God in charge of the proceeding explained to people that Christians don’t die
but merely sleep in the Lord.

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