The Epic Celebration Of An Icon Hon.Major Andy Umeoji

Years of existence never justifies man’s worth, rather his charming lifestyle, positive influence and selfless works are evidently traits of
his greatness. Unarguably, only few men after God’s heart possess such abnormal qualities. Amongst these few, was a man of exceptional intellect, a convincing motivator, loving husband, caring father and dependable friend, an icon of
exemplary leadership, a feisty and impassioned servant of God whose modus vivendi was worthy of emulation.

All of these great attributes can only be accorded to one man, Hon. Major Andy Okonkwo Umeoji (KSJI). One whose idealism of life was distinct. The life and times of Hon. Umeoji were marked by dour austerity to support pitiable children and widows. He gave life his best and shared all that heaven had to offer in his full capacity.

Emphatically, words are aptly inexplicable in telling his effervescent personality. What then is living if our lives do not add value to people around us; when we merry and watch others squalor in fetters of pain and abounding hunger? This, did he believe and his lifestyle never fell short of it.

Hon. Umeoji believed in living a life of influence. His cosmopolitan benevolence impartially extended to all races and without discrimination he showed love in its warm brightness to all and sundry that crossed his path.

He was one with admirable reserve and pleasing persona. Little wonder, he stands in the perfect mold of Father Abraham of our time. Though, this rare colossus is gone but his beautiful memories and laudable works are boldly engraved in the hearts of his loved ones, who moved mountains with trumpets and drums of praise in celebration of a life welllived.

They literally left no stone unturned to give him a first-rate and awesome burial ceremony – fit only for Kings. The celebration of life beamed with rousing fan-fare with friends, family as well as dignitaries numbering hundreds present at the various ceremonies; all in a bid to witness the final farewell of this great man. Hon. Umeoji was born to the family of late Umeagueges/Umeoji on the 30th of November, 1936 in a relatively peaceful town called, Ezinifite. Umeoji family sprung from Obeagu clan, Ezionye Village, Aku Zone, Ezinifite Community of the present day Aguata Local Governement Area of Anambra State. Having tasted the painful experience of losing his mother, Hon. Andy never gave up his conquest in carving a niche for himself through the corridors of life’s struggle. Consequently, he was looked after by his maternal grandmother, in whose arms he found love, tender care andabiding joy.

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