My Vision As Afwl Ambassador – Abiola Okoya

Warm and delectable Abiola Okoya
is AFWL’S fashion Ambassador and she has been one of their greatest sources of
support and inspiration. In this chat with 
OVATION MAGAZINE, she opines that Africans must show case Africa more
boldly before they can earn global respect.

us a glimpse into life as a child in the home of Chief Rasak Okoya

I am the second eldest child and from
my earliest memory, I have been involved in running the family business.

a child, what kind of future did you aspire towards

I imagined a life totally dedicated to
being part of the family business, mainly because of the size of the
organization while doing a bit of my own thing and looking after my kids.

there things in life you discovered that only you can do for yourself

With regards to my fashion and beauty
routine, I am the only person that knows what I am comfortable in.

what you do professionally

I am first and foremost a sales person,
based on my orientation from Eleganza and of course, into Real Estate. I am
presently looking at being part of the local content in the Oil and Gas sector.

are currently working on AFW as a fashion Ambassador, how do you feel being a
part of this grand event.

I am very excited at being branded a
fashion Ambassador of such an international event and also a pleasure
collaborating with the Founder, Princess Ronke Ademiluyi and my darling sister,
the Life Patron, Princess Fifi Ejindu.

is your vision for the project

It is an idea whose time has come and I
believe it will continue to flourish and gain momentum based on the response it
has garnered.

young African fashion designers finding a niche for themselves

Certainly, creativity is not lacking,
but what is needed is a platform for them to showcase their talents and funding
to nurture it, which I hope is what AFWL will help achieve.

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