Tomi Ashimolowo Weds Dorothy Kamara In Kent, England

Glamour, colour, class and the overwhelming hand of Almighty God were present when Tomi Ashimolowo, son of famous Preacher, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and Dorothy Kamara wedded in Kent, England. It was two days of spirit-lifting fun.

Their nuptial was a celebration of true love befitting of the romance shared by the lovebirds which was very evident by their unabashed public display of affection throughout the ceremonies.

It was with the traditional wedding/engagement that it all began-and as usual for such events hosted according to the African Culture and tradition, it was a very elaborate ceremony that usually involves a lot of humour and dancing amidst the seriousness of the event.

The venue was the The City Pavillion, Essex and the whole atmosphere was made very convivial and stylish by the staff of Milly Events, the table centre-pieces provided by Lois Bradshaw- Brown matched the sheer class expected at such an event. So, when representatives of both families and their guests arrived, they were met by an heavenly ambience. Pastor Hakeem Ogunniran set the event rolling with an opening

Both families then sat on different sides of the hall as it is the norm-and there were two traditional comperes: one for each of the families. Rev Matthew Ashimolowo and wife, Rev. (Mrs.) Yemisi Ashimolowo and her parents, Rev. Elkanah Osibanjo and Deaconess Phebean Osibanjo (grand parents of the groom) took the front row of the groom’s section while, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kamara, parents of the bride took front seats on the opposite side.

The Ashimolowo family made its intention known through a well-packaged proposal letter which was presented to the Kamara family, and the contents read to the delight of all by younger sister of the bride, Agnes Kamara. The Kamara’s revealed to all present that they had
accepted the proposal-and there was cheers from all corners of the hall.

The handsome groom, Tomi, his brother and best man, Tobi Ashimolowo with their friends were then given the all clear to enter the arena. They did not just stroll in, they danced heartedly, the groom showed that he was a true Yoruba man, responding perfectly to the local beats
booming from the PA sysrem.

As tradition demands, they all prostrated before the Kamara family, who as expected, welcomed them with open arms and then showered them with prayers. Tomi and his group now turned to his family-and that was when the groom thrilled all with his singing skills.

He sang his mum, Re. (Mrs.) Yemisi Ashimolowo a special number that elicited tears from her eyes and cheers from all present.
The prayers from his parents and grandparents were really moving too. That done, he took time to exchange a few pleasantries before settling down to await his sweetheart.

Dororothy, the beautiful bride was soon heralded to the venue with loads of singing, music and fanfare. Her face was covered in veil. Again, it was prayer galore for her by her parents, and the Ashimolowos who pulled the veil to make sure she was the ONE, before they warmly
embraced and prayed for her.

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