To be Africa’s leading media company

To show that Africans are capable of excellence by always celebrating the best African events and the brightest African people.


Our company was built with hard work over a decade ago and, our ambition is to create a company that all Africans can be proud of. We are confident that working in partnership with you, we would build the best media company in Africa and eventually take the world by storm. We strive to create a brand that thrives on a commitment to quality and integrity.

We are today driven by one zeal. To offer a full range of media services to Africans, Africans in Diaspora and other people of the world. These services are Publications (A full service magazine and newspaper printing company), Broadcasting (A television and radio service) and Hospitality (African Restaurant & Bar).


Published since 1996, OVATION International was born in London, United Kingdom. It was conceptualized by the publisher, Dele Momodu, a tried and tested journalist and high-profile editor who was hounded into exile by the General Sani Abacha Government in Nigeria.

The magazine was a child of circumstance because rather than take the short route of eking a living through engaging in menial jobs, Momodu decided to stick to his area of core competence: Journalism. His desire was to publish an African magazine for Africans and create a forum where the real picture of Africa would be presented to the world.

Ovation’s main focus which is still its core value today is the celebration of Africa. That was why when the first edition rolled out of the press, it had Egyptian Billionaire and owner of Harrods, Mohammed Al-Fayed on the cover.

That first package was uniquely different, breezy and upscale. The edition showed the high standard and lofty dreams of the publisher and those directors who helped to fuel his dream. Year after year, cover after cover, the magazine has been able to discover and celebrate Africans all over the globe.

Energized by the fact that there was so much negativity about the African continent, the OVATION team believed that there was need for a conscious redirection of African news. They were sure this will ultimately lead to a paradigm shift, a shift that will give Europeans and Africans in Diaspora a taste of the true Africa. The idea was to capture Africa from the lens and words of Africans.

The magazine showed with crisp, clear pictures and well-crafted prose that Africa was not all about war and disease. That we had brilliant minds, creative businessmen and millions of people who through sound education and hard work live well and celebrate life.

OVATION is 100 percent truly African. It is an African company, fueled by the African spirit of doggedness, and determination, but driven by first-rate, world-class standards.


The OVATION brand satisfies the reading pleasure of high, net worth individuals, upwardly-mobile professional, middle level businessmen and young adults. In addition, it serves as an inspirational document for youths and students because in celebrating achievers, we create role models that these future leaders look up to and pattern their lives after.


OVATION international is a family magazine; our editorial content is painstakingly chosen to meet the needs of the entire family: Our super brand are educational, entertaining, informative and oftentimes historical journals that anybody between the ages of 16-75 will find very relaxing and appealing. Our production is a very tedious process that entails networking with our offices in Lagos, Abuja, Cotonou, Accra, Lome and London. Our products are on A3-size paper of all gloss, well-vanished monthly magazine printed in the United Kingdom.


Our print run is 150,000 around the world for which 60% is circulated in Nigeria and research has shown that the pass on rate of our magazine is 8-1. Therefore, we are looking at your organization accessing close to 1,200,000 direct clients by advertising in our brands.

Our brand has produced a major revolution in the African magazine industry, with over 25 other publications copying our style, which is a great testimony to how attractive and successful we have been.


Our brand thrives on the colour RED which is the most dominant primary colour.
This colour signifies the core values of OVATION as a company and our dream for Africa.

RED is for boldness and excellence

RED is bright and beautiful

Like the colour RED, OVATION is a company that seeks to be expressive and assertive. These are key factors that we believe can lead Africans as a people and the continent to the next level.


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