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The first step in achieving effortless chic is to understand how to dress for your body shape. As there is no standard definition of what the perfect body shape is, we can all embrace our shape and who we are. The second step is to know our assets whether it is long shapely legs, a small waist or sculptured arms; and dress to enhance those features. The third step is to accept the parts that you are less than pleased with and dress to de-emphasize them. The fourth step is to consider the style of dressing that you are most comfortable in, whether dresses, trousers, jeans or skirts; and focus on finding the best cuts for you. Sometimes it is good to experiment a little as pieces you have shunned could end up being the most flattering.

A functional and fun wardrobe, should have some timeless pieces; a good blazer, dress trousers, a “can’t go wrong” little black dress and the most comfortable court shoes you can afford. It is worthwhile to build a wardrobe with these initial investments (the expensive ones). After those key pieces one can start adding fun basics and accessories to complete the look.

When dressing up to go out, if you think you are spending too much time getting ready, stop. It’s better to get dressed on a whim because you make instinctual choices. Go bold instead of dainty and do not be afraid to wear something oversize with something body conscious. The “chicest” looks these days are indeed all about contrasts. Anything ladylike or classic should be paired with something modern and cool. Don’t wear everything from one designer, one season, or with one theme and remember sometimes, something wrong is right.