One On One With General Robert Gbain

General Robert Gbain, a tried and tested Gentleman and General of
the Beninese Army was in Nigeria recently as a recipient of the
Leadership Award for African Achievers (LAAFA).

A day before this
great occasion, General Gbain was surprised at his suite inside the Sheraton
Hotel, Lagos, when
OVATION Publisher, Bashorun Dele
Momodu paid him a courtesy call.

After the usual
greetings, Bashorun Momodu declared that he came to see the General on the
invitation of his friend, Alberto.

“I was informed
about your visit by Albert Koumagnon who is a brother with whom I have had an
excellent long-standing relationship. When he told me that you were in town, I
did not hesitate to come and give you a truly Nigerian welcome. As a General, I
know you are a man who reached theb the height of his professional but I know that
God will inspire you to even greater heights.

“Since I have
been told that the advancement of Africa is at the heart of all your
commitments, as a Pan Africanist myself, I am ready to partner with you in all
areas to help you realize your dream”. Bashorun Momodu stated.

In response, General
Gbian said that he was honored and pleased to receive “such a great Man” as the
OVATION Publisher. While congratulating the OVATION team,
The General stated that he has been an admirer of the great work that
Magazine has done around the continent. Later, we had this
interview with him.

it is indeed a pleasure to meet you. You are a man with a pretty exceptional
career. You assumed high responsibilities in the Beninese Army and was at the
top level for many years. How do you feel after all these years spent in serving
your country

I am happy to meet
you too. I would like to seize this opportunity to congratulate you for the
overwhelming work you have been doing. I’ve been actually lucky enough to serve
my country, not only as a military officer at the top level of the government,
but also as a citizen involved in actions for local development. Throughout the

I’ve come to realize
that the African continent in general and my country Benin in particular, has a
lot of potentials. I’ve tried as much as I can to make my modest contribution
at all levels where it has been necessary, though much remains to be done. I therefore,
have a burning desire to serve more.

We are
told you are planning to offer yourself as a candidate for the 2016 presidential
elections. Is it true

I just would like to
thank those who wish to see my humble person as the leader of Benin in 2016. I
consider this solicitation as a mark of trust and I promise to give it a
serious thought. It is a very serious question that needs to be addressed in
due course. In the meantime, I want to continue exchanging ideas with my

Do you
think you will have the support of the large political coalitions

The political
parties, affiliations and other political associations are the backbone of all
elections. They are after all, groups of citizens seeking the development of
their country. I do not overlook the support of the political parties, but I do
wish to have the total amalgamation of forces towards a predefined programme
that meets the needs of the populace.

of the political parties in Benin
seem so
similar. Do you have anything
new to

As I told you
earlier, I’ve not taken the decision to run for the coming elections. However,
I believe that every political agenda should meet the needs of the people.


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