Published since 1996, OVATION International was born in
London, United Kingdom. It was conceptualized by the Publisher, Chief Dele
Momodu, a tried and tested journalist and high-profile Editor who was driven
into exile by the General Sani Abacha Government in Nigeria.

The magazine was a child of circumstance because rather than
take the short route of eking a living through engaging in menial jobs, Momodu
decided to stick to his area of core competence: Journalism.

His desire was to publish an African magazine for Africans
and create a forum where the real picture of Africa would be presented to the

OVATION’s main focus then which is still its core value
today is the celebration of Africa. That was why the first edition rolled out
of the press with Egyptian Billionaire and then owner of Harrods, Mohammed
Al-Fayed on the cover. And its pay-off line Loud For A Purpose was a bold
testament of its vision and ambition

That first package was uniquely different, breezy and
upscale. The edition showed the high standard and lofty dreams of the Publisher
and those Directors who helped to fuel his dream. Year after year, cover after
cover, the magazine has been able to discover and celebrate Africans all over
the globe.

Energized by the fact that there was so much negativity
about the African continent, the OVATION team believed that there was need for
a conscious redirection of African news. They were sure that this will
ultimately lead to a paradigm shift, a shift that will give other citizens of
the world a different perspective of the continent from the lens and words of

The magazine showed with crisp, clear pictures and
well-crafted prose that Africa was not all about war and disease. That we had
brilliant minds, creative businessmen and millions of people who through sound
education and hard work live well and celebrate life.


In 2006, it launched its French version in Cotonou, Benin
Republic. Today, it is still the only bi-lingual celebrity journal on the continent.

This innovation was geared towards unifying the continent
and helping to propagate the ideals of the founding fathers of the African
Union. Ovation reached the Superbrand status in 2008, and was presented with a
seal that is exclusive to very few major corporations in the world.

As testimony to its high rating across the globe, Ovation
was appointed by Buckingham Palace to cover the visit of Her Majesty The Queen
to Nigeria in 2003. In 2007, we were accredited by the State Department to
travel with His Excellency President G.W. Bush when he went on a Latin American

OVATION is 100 percent truly African. It is an African
company, fueled by the African spirit of doggedness, and determination, but
driven by first-rate, world-class standards. We are No.1 in Celebrity Stories.
No.1 in Qualitative Pictures, No.1 in Breezy Prose and have remained No.1 in
people’s hearts. That is why many years later, we are still celebrating Africa
with 364-pages of glossy pages and have remained Loud For A Purpose!

To be Africa’s leading Media Company.

To show that Africans are capable of excellence by always celebrating the best African events and the brightest African people.


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June 2024