Prince Bisi Olatilo’s Low-key 60th Birthday Celebration

There is no perfect timing to merry regardless of the motive
behind the merrymaking. We are therefore at liberty to celebrate landmark
achievements- birthdays, marriages and events- that add value to our existence.
In this case, there is no questioning why veteran broadcaster and Chief
Executive Officer of Biscon Communications, Prince Bisi Olatilo settled for a
low-key 60th birthday celebration.

Prince Olatilo, a native of Igbajo, Osun State, has an acute
lingual disposition and mastery of the three

major languages in Nigeria namely; Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. A rare ability that
sets this highflier far-off his peers. With over 30 years of experience in
broadcasting, Prince Olatilo is without contest a national and an international
brand to reckon with.

As a pointer to his hard work in radio broadcasting, Prince
Olatilo was rewarded with several awards and a back-to-back honour of the
prestigious Nigerian Media Merit Awards-Broadcaster

of the year in 1993 and 1994. His ingenuity and creativity stretches beyond the
corridors of broadcasting as he boasts of a healthy career in printing. He is
also a renowned Master of Ceremonies, with a long list of major events for
dignitaries and top corporate organizations.

And so, no one could blame him for staging a
birthday ceremony that brought the high and mighty in the society in a cool and serene atmosphere.

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May 2024